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Until Summer Comes Around by Glenn Rolfe

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Until Summer Comes Around by Glenn Rolfe:

So, as you can see, todays book is Until Summer Comes Around by Glenn Rolfe.

Thank you NetGalley and Flame Tree Press for my book!

After I got approved for the book, I remembered that I had pre-ordered it in paperback, well, that what happens when one orders a lot of books, I though do love my books in physical form.

The year is 1986, It’s summer and the place is Old Orchard Beach, fifteen-year-old year old Rocky is spending his summer in his hometown. He is a well-liked young man in his homeplace. Wearing a back brace, he goes to his usual haunts, he meets a beautiful girl named November and falls head over heels in love, she does too. At the same time as this budding romance goes on, the town experiences several cases of missing people. Who is responsible? Well, its Gabriel, November’s brother, he is a vampire and he is on a rampage.

“80s nostalgia, Until Summer Comes Around, be thy name”

Nostalgia for the 80s is “in” nowadays, as seen with the popularity of Stranger Things, the popularity of Paperbacks from hell and subsequent rereleases of 80s horror classics, I have also noticed a lot of recent book releases firmly set in or ties to the 80s. I have also noticed that several cinemas showed blockbusters from that time period, before the pandemic I watched The Lost Boys in the local indie cinema, which seems to have been a fitting coincidence for reading this book.

Anyways, some background regarding myself, I was born in the early 80s, and that being said I must admit that the 80s where not my favourite time period, I am more of an 90s kinda guy, that was until I read Until Summer Comes Around, now I am sitting here feeling nostalgic for a time period I barely remember, and that is because of Glenn Rolfe’s excellent writing.

Until Summer Comes Around easily come into the top of my “coming-of-age-books” list. And also, it’s one of the better vampire tales I have read in recent times, I think we can all agree on that vampires have been done to (un)death, so when a book comes out that brings something new to the mix, no matter how small, well, then it blows me away.

Now, it is easy to see that Until Summer Comes Around is influenced by the movie The Lost Boys, though no matter how fine a film it is (and it is a fine film indeed!), I must admit that this book is better! Rocky is a great protagonist, his relationship with November is heartfelt and cute. As for the villain, Gabriel is a genuine scary vampire. Also, the setting just feels more 80s than the film made in the 80s.

This is a story about first love, about growing up, learning that life is not always easy and it’s a story about addiction. When in regards of addiction, it is both the exhilaration and complete obsession of that first love, as well as Gabriel’s addiction to blood and carnage.

Also, the town of Old Orchard Beach is rendered here in all its 80s glory, I could almost smell the ocean and suntan lotion.

Lately I have been experiencing a reading slump, but when I started this book, I had problems putting it down. It grips you from the get go and you do not want to put it down!

If you love coming of age stories, vampires, good writing, the 80s or the film The Lost Boys. Then go and read this book!

I give this book a 5/5 used back braces.



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