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Cover reveal: The Cipher by Kathe Koja

I don’t know if you have heard the news, but Meerkat Press are rereleasing Kathe Koja’s somewhat legendary and hard-to-get-a-hold-of novel, The Cipher!

I for one is quite exited by this reissue, not only because I have been looking for years for a copy, but also because there is new artwork for this book, the new artwork is done by Keith Rosson.

So, do yourself a favour and get this book when it is released on 15/09/2020 from Meerkat Press!

Look at this cover!!!

Kathe Koja's classic novel of fear, obsession, creation, and destruction, The Cipher, which reopens the door on the Funhole with this brand new and long-awaited print edition. It is the winner of the Bram Stoker Award, Locus Award, and a finalist for the Philip K. Dick Award.


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